Smart ChainPRO Wallet

Smart ChainPRO Wallet

First crypto wallet with enhanced security biometrics scan and inheritance options

Bio Face and Eye Scan

Facial and eye biometrics scan storage directly on the blockchian in smart contract.

Finger Print Scan

Finger print recognition ginving you access to your private wallet in a secure way.

SEED Words

You will also be getting the normal 12-24 SEED words to your wallet.

Inheritance option

After you have created your wallet you can choose an inheritance by adding their Facial and eye scan.

NFT Boosters

Validator and Staking Booster



Double up your Rewards

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Double up your rewards

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Premium Staking

Double up your rewards with free restaking

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Build on SmartChainPRO

Build dApps and Web3
applications together with us.

Develop on SmartChainPRO with tools and application you've already know today with a fully compatible network, dApps deployment is identical to Binance smart chain.

You can also take it a step further and learn more about our new blockchain tecknology and BIO wallet.


Why SmartChainPRO Blockchain

SmartChainPRO is a blockchain platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create possibility for the many, as well as the few, and bring positive global change.


A platform built for a sustainable future, to help people work better together, trust one another, and build global solutions to global problems.


SmartChainPRO brings a new standard in technology - open and inclusive – to challenge the old and activate a new age of sustainable, globally-distributed innovation.


SmartChainPRO powerful blockchain allows transactions to be completed nearly instantaneously and at a fraction of the cost.

A global network of tecknology

SmartChainPRO can transfer any type of data, digital asset, or standard token from the blockchain capabilities. Choose a variety of options and smart contract within the platform's network and take advantage of the platform's limitless anti-standardisation.


Staking VS NFT Staking

All members of SmartChainPRO have the options to staking or run a validator node on the blockchain, what ever you choose you can be sure you earn SPRO coins as reward, the more you lock your coins the higher APY you can reach. You can also buy a NFT staking or NFT validator and earn double up on any rewards you get.

This calculator is just to illustrate how powerful the NFT Staking is compare to normal staking.
The actual reward is based on the total winning block amount from the validator you choose.

Coin Power 6,000 SPRO
No Lock Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Total
Normal Staking 5% 15% 25% 35% 50% 75% 200%
APY 5.0000 15.0000 25.0000 35.0000 50.0000 75.0000
Daily 0.0137 0.0411 0.0685 0.0959 0.1370 0.2055
Total 105.0000 15.0000 40.0000 75.0000 125.0000 200.0000 300.00
NFT staking x2 10% 30% 50% 70% 100% 150% 400%
APY 10.0000 30.0000 50.0000 70.0000 100.0000 150.0000
Daily 0.0274 0.0822 0.1370 0.1918 0.2740 0.4110
Total 110.0000 30.0000 80.0000 150.0000 250.0000 400.0000 500.0000
NFT staking x3 15% 60% 105% 150% 225% 300% 840%
APY 15.00 60.00 105.00 150.00 225.00 300.00
Daily 0.0411 0.1644 0.2877 0.4110 0.6164 0.8219
Total 115.0000 60.0000 165.0000 315.0000 540.0000 840.0000 940.00
Both NFT x5 25% 75% 125% 175% 250% 375% 1000%
APY 25.0000 75.0000 125.0000 175.0000 250.0000 375.0000
Daily 0.0685 0.2055 0.3425 0.4795 0.6849 1.0274
Total 125.0000 75.0000 200.0000 375.0000 625.0000 1,000.0000 1.100.00

NFT Calculator is only working in Desktop Version

Cross Chain

Easy convert with our Cross-Chain

Smart Contract

Build cheap Smart Contract on the blockchain

Also available on IOS
and Android (Coming soon)

Soon the SmartChainPRO wallet will be available to create and download.


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Frequently asked Question

Here you can find the most commen question.

  • General
  • Token/Coin
  • Airdrop
  • NFT Staking
  • Legal

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  • What is IEO?

    An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is the Cryptocurrency Exchange equivalent to a stock launch or Initial Public Offering (IPO). An IEO is the process of digital asset (e.g. coins or tokens) procurement through an established exchange for the purpose of raising capital for start-up companies

  • How to become a partner?

    Contact support and they will help you, we have many kind of partnership.

  • Why create your own blockchain?

    We believe we have a very unique concept here, having our own blockchian makes it easier for us to achieve our goals.

  • Can all be a part of your concept?

    Yes and No, for the most part you have to be over 18, but each company usually follows the rules where the person comes from.



NFT Staking


SmartChainPRO Token Sales

Get your SmartChainPRO coins now, there will be no other way to get them cheap.

All SPRO coins have a vestion period of 5 years.

Buy 1 PPRO Token, GET

10 SPRO Coins Airdrop

Sales Start

Starting soon

Max Coin airdropped


Coin Supply


Token supply


PPRO for Sale


Token Value

1 PPRO = $0.30

Sales Rounds

There is no guarantee in crypto and value is 100% based on expectations.


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